Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK

Wisbech in Bloom

Wisbech in Bloom

We must all have seen the beautiful flowers throughout the town – if you haven’t yet, do pop in just for this spectacular display. It’s a culmination of Wisbech in Bloom’s work throughout the year to grow and plant displays for the Anglia in Bloom regional competition. This year, Wisbech is being judged for both the large Town and Business Improvement District categories, with regional judging on 19th July and Britain in Bloom finals judging on August 3rd. Also at this time of year is the annual Rose Fair, so everywhere is being given extra care and attention to show off the town to the many annual visitors. All by volunteers, may I add!


I had a chat with Penny Stocks who is on the team of Wisbech in Bloom, along with Chair, Brian Massingham. Alan Wheeldon and many others. Penny is also involved with the General Cemetery, as am I, so chatting about the work we’re doing there and admiring the borders along the path, I took the opportunity to ask about the mysterious appearance of brightly coloured bikes in the town…

I asked where the idea came from for this year’s extra planting. Penny said the ‘Blooming Bikes’ idea was “one of those ideas you have in the back of your mind for a while, and this year seemed the right time to do it!” Alan offered to take on the project and put out a call for bikes. He then painted them and they were planted up. The bike nearest Beales is herbs and veg rather than flowers, and the boxes were made from recycling wood from the Bandstand in the park when it was restored.


Penny explained: “We are aware that there are several exciting projects to improve the town are either in progress or being planned. The idea of the bikes was to help brighten up some drab areas in the interim but also to make people aware that National Cycle Route no 1 and the North Sea Cycle route both pass through the town centre.”

So whether you cycle, walk, or drive through, stop for a short wander and admire the work of the hidden gems that are our Bloom volunteers!


Penny also wanted to mention that: “Wisbech in Bloom volunteers are really pleased with the interest and positive response that the bikes have generated.” So thankyou to those who donated bikes, and are sharing photos online, it’s really heartening to see so much positive interest being shown by so many.


One last note: If you’re reading this on publication day, Wednesday, you can hear more about the General Cemetery and Chapel renovation this evening as part of the Octavia Hill walks, please check octaviahill.org for details.