Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK


In his ‘Buildings of England’ Nikolaus Pevsner describes Wisbech and the North and South Brinks:


“Wisbech is one of the most attractive towns of east Anglia. […notes on river…] Along the new course is the ‘west end’ of Wisbech – the two Brinks, one of the finest Georgian brick streets of England”

later in the chapter on Wisbech (possibly the longest chapter in the whole of the Cambridgeshire section!)

(a set of walks, with descriptions as you go)

“From the N end of the bridge to the W extends NORTH BRINK, one of the most perfect Georgian Streets of England …”
“SOUTH BRINK is the perfect foil to North Brink, of the same character, with houses of the same size, but more subdued and less ambitious.”