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Helping out and things to do

2016 has been an interesting year, to say the least. With all the news of people passing away, especially this last few days, it’s been quite difficult, though it does make you appreciate your own health and family. I’m going to try to be positive and look forward. So, ideas for a positive future? Be …

Fayre, Crafts and Christmas 2016

Just since I last wrote this column I’ve had more people get in touch to talk about new projects and events. With everything going on across the area, from Peterborough to Norfolk, I’m finding myself booking people and places up to October 2017. The Wisbech Christmas Fayre team will meet in the new year to …

December 2016

I wonder if those who use social media have seen the post that says “every time you buy handmade, an actual person does a little happy dance”, or the one that explains buying “just a card” will directly support a family, and that in turn supports the local economy. A thriving local economy is good …