Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK

Arts for the Equinox

Arts for the Equinox

As many of you are aware, I am part of the team looking after the Old Chapel (near Asda, Wisbech), so I’m pleased to let you know about our Arts Open Day on Saturday 21st March, 11am to 4pm. (In between Spring Equinox and Mother’s Day).
We have events about the heritage of the Cemetery and the Chapel restoration process, this Arts Open Day will focus on the natural environment and give you an opportunity to meet with and learn from two fantastic local artists, Fred White and Rachel Simmonds.
Rachel is an artist running classes at Big Sky Arts, particularly working with clay and natural materials. On our special open day you can help her create something beautiful to leave for others to find, as well as something to take home with you.
Fred is well known for his amazing creations from recycled materials at the Museum. You may also have seen him create paper faces, what he calls “Paper Gurning”, for storytelling sessions. He will be making these fun faces representing the Green Man, or indeed Red Man, and will also be creating wood/paper mobiles for indoors or out. Fred told me these will all “bring luck into your house, sound into your garden, and life to your windows”.

The Arts Open Day is for everyone, pop in for as long as you like. 10 minutes to watch the artists at work; longer to have a go yourself, or all day to enjoy the surroundings, take a walk, and have a cup of tea in between making each of the art ideas on offer! Everyone welcome, children and adults. Lottery-funded, this is free for all; donations for refreshments and to continue the upkeep of this treasure of a place will be welcomed.

While meeting with Fred at the Museum, I bumped into Louise Haselgrove who is helping volunteer community curators put on an exhibition of items that are personal to individuals. Louise said “Museums mainly preserve items representing our collective heritage; this exhibition celebrates items you cherish from your own personal history”. Join Louise and the curators for the launch this Saturday, 11am-3pm with free family activities such as making a memory jar. The exhibition, on until 11th April, includes the time capsule recently unearthed by St Peter’s Junior School.

See you this Saturday at the Museum, and Saturday 21st at the Chapel!

Here’s some extra pictures for this online version: